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Industrial PC (IPC)
Products :  Industrial PC (IPC)

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-001

Description :  6 slot chassis, 200 watts ATX PFC power supply,  Pentium 4 2.4MHz, 128MB RAM, 80GB IDE HDD  (7200rpm), Windows NT/2K/XP.

 *Note -> Above specifications are standards setup. We do allow our customer to customized their own IPC specification.

Products :  Splitter

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-002

Description :  Keyboard and Mouse spliter for Industrial PC.

GPIB Cable
Products :  GPIB Cable

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-0003

Description :  GPIB cables can be 1 Meter, 3 Meters, 5 Meters and  etc

CIO-DAC02/16 (2 Channel 16 bits Digital to Analog Voltage Output)
Products :  CIO-DAC02/16 (2 Channel 16 bits Digital to Analog  Voltage Output)

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-004

Description :
 CIO-DAC02/16 is a versatile analog output plug in  board which may be used to control voltage devices  with ranges of 0-5, 0-10, +/-5, and +/-10 volts. Each  analog output is controlled by a precision 16 bit  digital to analog (D/A) converter. A 16 bit converter  provides 1/65,536 parts resolution. On a scale of 0-5  volts, output can be controlled to within 0.0763mV.  The D/A converter's output range is controlled by  setting jumpers on the board. The CIO-DAC02/16 is  easy to program from any language using port  output commands.

PCDIO24B-P (Digital Input/Output)
Products :  PCDIO24B-P (Digital I/O)

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-005

Description :  ISA 24 lines card, with buffered outputs.

Products :  NI GPIB Card

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-006

Description :  Completely IEEE 488.2 compatible, 16-bit ISA bus  interface.

Wireless Switch
Products :  Wireless Switch

Part No :  PRO-CAT2-007

Description :  Switches can come with 5 ports, 8 ports, 24 ports  and etc.

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